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Barbara Oakley’s ‘Improve Your Study Skills: How to Excel at Math and Science: Even if you Flunked Algebra’ (Part 1)

The new mantra is to study smarter, not harder. Then of course, there is the age-old question, are smart people born that way? At birth, are babies predisposed to have a higher IQ? Can IQ be improved upon? —— Recent studies have shown that in regard to academic intelligence, IQ accounts for just over half[…]

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Partnering with a Pre-Medical or Pre-Business School Advisor or Consultant

All advisors are not the same Finding an Advisor, Mentor or Admissions Consultant Once you’ve committed to the pre-medical or pre-graduate school of business track, finding the most expert guidance and resources, as soon as possible, is paramount. If you are sick, consulting your health care provider as soon as possible is optimal. The same[…]

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Is the College Admissions Scandal as bad as it seems? Well Yes & No!

Yes! It is obvious that at least one university was “asleep at the switch,” and that school is my beloved University of Southern California, USC, despite its academic and athletic excellence and prestige, appears to at least occasionally hire men and women who lack of integrity. This fosters a culture of corruption and poor oversight[…]

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February 15, 2019
10 Reasons People Get Rejected from Medical School

Whether you didn’t receive that medical school acceptance letter, or perhaps you just want to fend off such a rejection, this blog post should serve you well. Poor Metrics: Low undergraduate GPA & MCAT At a minimum, one must reach your target medical school’s average GPA, and score in the middle 50% of MCAT scores[…]

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The Basics for Writing a Winning Personal Statement

Approach your personal statement as an opportunity to: Connect with the Reader What do you want to tell a total stranger about yourself? Articulate What Matters to You The enlightened reader wants to see inside your soul. They want to know what interests you, what challenges you, what inspires you, and what will be your[…]

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January 17, 2019
How to Get Into Harvard Medical School

Who Belongs? Who Gets In? Defacto Mission Statement: At its finest, Harvard Medical School attracts and supports those that strive to improve the human condition from disease, illness and injury. To study medicine at Harvard is to prepare to play a leading role in this journey. Harvard Medical School excels in both teaching and innovating[…]

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How to Get into Top Medical Schools

Perhaps, both your parents, an older sibling and an uncle are medical doctors. Perhaps your mother is a pediatrician performing well baby checks for parents who want their children healthy. Perhaps your father is a general surgeon, performing appendectomies and cholecystectomies. It could be that your uncle is an oncologist, treating patients with various stages[…]

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