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  • The search begins with you, your personality, values, preferences, interests, skills and ambitions
  • Where will you best fit in and accomplish your educational and career goals?
  • It is not just about where you will be happy.
  • Many students select a college based on its ranking or academic reputation
  • Others choose a college because of its low cost or “party school” culture
  • The key is to begin with self – knowledge, and then find colleges that complement you, not the other way around
  • Does the college have the specific departments, majors, professors, classes, advising and resources you need to reach your post – graduate objectives?
  • What are your academic and career short – term and long – term goals?
  • Choosing one college over another should be a logical and critical thinking decision. It should follow the facts and rational decision-making process. It should occur after comparing and contrasting a dozen or more features that matter to you.
  • Where you apply to and where you attend college should be places consistent with your long – range objectives
  • If your academic and/or career interests change, which school will allow you to explore your interests further?



  • What are your greatest academic strengths?
  • What are your academic weaknesses?
  • Do you prefer learning in a small class discussion group or a 700 – student capacity lecture hall?
  • Do you prefer rigor and pushing your abilities to the limit, or easy classes?
  • Do you want your professors to be readily available for office hours, or do you prefer to study on your own?
  • Do the campus resources, faculty, research, and study abroad opportunities matter to you?
  • Does a liberal arts education or a private institution appeal to you?



  • Do you plan to take advantage of the party scene?
  • Do you prefer a suburban, metropolitan or rural campus setting?
  • Will you be homesick living far from home?
  • Do you prefer small classes, at a small school on a small campus or vice versa?
  • What are your political leanings and spiritual requirements?
  • Is the cost of your college education a matter of importance?
  • Where will your professional and personal needs best be met?
  • Are club or intercollegiate sports or school spirit important to you?


  • Give Yourself Time: Start Early
  • Know Yourself: Your Personality, preferred learning style & goals
  • Research the Colleges: Find 8 – 12 colleges that best match your values, our preferences, academic and career objectives
  • Proper Preparation: Grades, Scores, Abilities, Research
  • Self-Reflection
    • What Really Matters to You?
    • What Inspires You?
    • What Challenges You?
    • What will be Your Gift to the World?
    • How do you Positively Impact the People around You?

Factors for selecting the program

  • Student Body Culture
  • Faculty Reputation
  • Prestige
  • Academic, Career and Peer Advising
  • Alumni Network
  • School Spirit
  • Safe Environment
  • Campus and Class Size
  • Location and Climate
      • Resources (libraries, laboratories and study abroad opportunities
  • Undergraduate Housing
  • Plethora of major and courses