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Frequently Asked Questions

We have been advising students our entire professional lives, Dr. Richardson as an anesthesiologist and patient advocate, and Dr. El Khashab as a brain surgeon and scientist. We joined forces because we love what we do and wanted to help students reach their highest potential and life-long goals.

No, Ivy Bound is NOT in any way affiliated with the Ivy League or any of their member schools. The founder of IvyBound, Dr. Michael Richardson is a proud Ivy League graduate, as are both of his sons. Ivy Bound does not intentionally or otherwise imply any direct or indirect association with the Ivy League or their members.

  • We can assist you self-reflect and self-assess who you are and where you are going. We help you understand the process and explain what admissions officers look for in their applicants.
  • We help you draw from your activities, accomplishments, education and experiences to speak genuinely and in your own voice while telling a compelling story. We also help you create a personalized strategic plan.
    We assist you tell your unique story in your essays in your authentic and passionate voice so that you distinguish yourself and standout.
  • We help you build your edge through evidence-based, student-centered and client-specific methods. We lower your stress and give you confidence.
  • Over 85% of our team are Ivy League affiliated; primarily, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton Universities.

Ivy Bound is committed to forming a true partnership in which the client and consultant work together for the student’s benefit. We strive to continually re-think, re-build and re-engineer our world-class services to reach our highest potential and that of our clients. By accomplishing this, we aspire to become the destination of choice for high achieving students who aspire to attend premier, research universities and liberal arts colleges.

  • At Ivy Bound we show you the path to Mastery as described by international best seller Robert Greene’s book entitled Mastery.
  • We show you the best strategies for success as described by The Harvard Crimson, the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • We know what elite colleges look for, and present the you in the best light possible to maximize the chances of acceptance.

Your Comprehensive Package investment is $8800, while our a la carte fee is $350 per hour, a great investment when you consider the advantages of an elite institution’s education, resources and alumni network. We service eighth-graders to high school seniors.

A dream school is often a place you want to go “emotionally” as your first choice. But since you likely didn’t perform your due diligence, it is commonly a mismatch. A ‘best fit’ school is one where you first perform some soul searching and research.  This is followed by logical thought and some common sense. Finally, you create or revise your college list not from naivete, but from personal insight that finds colleges that complements your preferences and goals better than the rest.

Our Central Mission is to honorably, respectfully, and professionally offer admissions advising for academically talented Americans, Far East Asians, South East Asians and Middle East students who aspire to attend to best institutions of higher learning in America, primarily medical schools and business schools.

We fundamentally believe, as did Socrates, that self-reflection is essential for students to understand their personality, interests, abilities, strengths so that they can discover their life’s purpose and to pursue careers and lives of no regret.

    • Most of our clients need 16 to 20 hours of service. This entails a thorough academic, intellectual, pre-professional and personal profile review, creation of a preliminary college list, clarification of intermediate and long-term goals; and finally, a comprehensive strategic plan.


    • At Ivy Bound you can buy what you need from the ‘a la carte’ menu or stay on your budget with 7-hour, 12-hour or 20-hour plans. There are also services that can be added on, such as additional interview preparation. The Premium Package Upgrade offers our most personalized care and attention, with an additional 30-minutes of guidance per week.
      Others may order specific “a la carte” services, such as resume upgrade, study skills, time management, etc.
    • Over 92% of our clients get into one of their top 3 choices.


    • Our students attend the Ivy League, along with other top tier colleges (i.e. Stanford, Amherst and Emory) plus many of the top public universities in the country including UCLA and UC Berkeley