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Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Admission to premier colleges is highly competitive, with rates typically less than 30%. At the most elite programs such as the Ivy League, Stanford and MIT, acceptance rates hover below 15%, with Stanford less than 5%. That being said, your application must have few if any mistakes; and your application must shine and impress. When you are sick, you see an expert doctor. When your car needs repair, you see an expert mechanic. In this the most transformational process in your young life, isn’t it a prudent investment to seek expert advice from a specialist in admissions, especially given the total investment in tuition, fees, room and board?

Ivy Bound specializes in premier college admissions. We do not offer SAT or ACT preparation. We can, however, refer you to outstanding providers of these services, a company that uses actual current Princeton college students as its tutors.

Similar to how studying advanced math such as Calculus requires basic math preparation 4 – 6 years earlier, preparing to apply to college, requires success in your coursework, extracurriculars, leadership and service, 2 – 4 years earlier. If you are an artist or athlete, the preparation can begin 5-10 years in advance. Beginning to think about college should begin in middle school and no later than the summer before freshman year in high school. Preparing for college in earnest should begin no later than the summer of your rising junior year.

For premier and elite colleges and universities, top applicants spend between 5 and 10 hours per school. Do the math! That means you can easily spend between 75 and 150 hours if you apply to 15 schools. Without an early start , you’ll be competing with classes and activities in the fall of the senior year.

We are located just 5 miles from Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Princeton Medical Center.

No, Ivy Bound is not affiliated with the Ivy League or its member schools. Our founder is an Ivy League graduate, and many of our experts are affiliated with Ivy League schools in various capacities. While we are not affiliated with the Ivy League, we are experienced with helping students achieve their goal of getting accepted to Ivy League schools.

Just as planning to land on Mars, or planning to build a mega shopping mall takes years to conceive, plan and build, shouldn’t planning and executing your life’s education and career begin years in advance as well? However, if where you go to college doesn’t matter, there is no need to plan or prepare.

For the Comprehensive Package, our service includes all iterations and components of the primary application. Additional services or hours may be purchased as needed.

We explain in detail our philosophy, our processes and our services. We answer all of your questions, and briefly comment on your strengths and weaknesses. Primarily, we listen to your needs, wants and goals. You can prepare by knowing your GPA, SAT/ACT scores and questions to ask? We’ll do the rest.

Our packages apply to as many schools as you wish to apply to within the primary application. However, additional purchases are available for the secondary applications, multiple primary applications, interviews etc.

Following your kickoff meeting, and signed contract and paid invoice, we extend you a seven-day grace period during which you may make changes to your package or consulting arrangement. Just sent us an email. During this time, you may add additional schools and still take advantage of a bulk package rate. You may also reduce the number of schools applied to, in which case the consulting fees will be reduced based upon our applicable fee schedule and the actual number of schools selected. In addition, during this seven-day period, you may elect to cancel your service and be refunded minus a charge of $315 per hour for hours used and a $750 processing fee.

Once you have confirmed that you would like to engage Ivy Bound, we send you an invoice. You can pay the entire invoice using your Paypal account or a major credit card. Ivy Bound offers interest-free installments, and for services totaling that $8,000 USD or more, you can pay in up to 6 monthly installments. To find out more, click here.