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The primary goal of Ivy Bound is to  professionally serve high school students and their parents, and college transfer students in their quest to find their “best fit” college or university. Ivy Bound understands that the competition is fierce and the process confusing and complicated. You might agree that many applicants receive inadequate, insufficient or obsolete guidance. Moreover, it is not surprising that there is global competition for these coveted spots, even for highly qualified candidates. With the preponderance of poor advising, and the need for expert guidance universal, Ivy Bound was established.


At Ivy Bound, we firmly believe that what is suitable for one, may not be for another. Therefore, we offer a world-class, evidence-based, student-centered and client-specific approach that helps our clients showcase their fullest potential. We can then match your profile with a list of ideal institutions that meet your professional and personal goals. If success is what you seek, let our team of experts show you the way. It is simple. It just isn’t easy!