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Comprehensive Package Details

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Goal Development! Goal Execution! Strategic Positioning!


Ivy Bound guides you carefully through the entire application process. We leverage your strengths, improve your weaknesses, all in order to present your highest potential to the college admissions committees. For the best impact, we recommend our Comprehensive Package with our Premium Upgrade services.


Comprehensive Package
You will work with a dedicated Expert Advisor throughout the process with input from Ivy League affiliated professionals. Our team specializes in assisting students earn entry into the Ivy League, Stanford, the University of California, and other premier schools. The Comprehensive Plan is a 25-hour journey designed to increase your chances of getting into the best fit college of your choice. This time includes face-to-face consulting as well offline work.

Fee: $8,800*

*pay in up to 6 interest free installations with Pay Pal Credit. Contact us for more details.

Premium Upgrade
With the Premium Upgrade, you get the extensive support of the full Comprehensive Package, plus 30 minutes per week of additional personalized, one-on-one advising to stay organized, on track and on time.

Fee: $700/month




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The Comprehensive Package includes:


Explanation of the Process

The first step in your successful journey toward acceptance into a premiere college is self-reflection and self-assessment. In other words, what truly matters to you? What are your goals and dreams? Are you competitive to your target schools in regards to grades and test scores? How do you choose the right college for you? What is the admissions process and timetable? Finally, how do you market your USP, your “Unique Special Point” in order to stand out and get noticed?


Goal Development

After self-discovery, Ivy Bound assists you clarify and discuss your goals and aspirations, taking into account your education, accomplishments, experiences, perspectives and vision.


Balanced School List

We’ll assist you refine your list of colleges into a collection of balanced options that optimize your possibilities.


Essay Wordsmithing

Before you can write a compelling essay, you must brainstorm, and develop your key message. You must “show,” but never tell your story. Every step of the way our support and feedback ensures your essays are genuine and authentic, and covey your true voice.


Application Strategy

While you might think colleges are pretty much the same, students’ engagement, pioneering professors’ availability, class size, campus culture, not to mention offerings can vary great even within the prestigious 10 – campus system of the University of California or the Ancient Eight Ivy League. The campus resources and “the vibe” at Harvard is very different compared to suburban Yale or metropolitan Columbia. The urban environment of UCLA varies greatly from hillside, iconic campus of UC Berkeley. Therefore, not should you apply with caution, you must proceed with calculated risk-taking if you wish to stand out and impress. It’s simple. It just isn’t easy!


School Interaction Strategy

Planning a school visit? Corresponding with members of the colleges’ admission committee or campus representatives? Let Ivy Bound prepare you properly. You only have one chance to make a great first impression.


Resume Review

The resume is essentially your autobiography, a history of your education, accomplishments, experiences and activities. It serves you, the colleges and future employers. It takes only moments for an experienced resume-reader to get a sense of whether you are a strong, average or weak applicant. Let Ivy Bound update and polish your resume/CV to Ivy League levels.


Application Forms Review

Every word in your application is important and the application form  is no different. Consistent messaging across all platforms is critical if you are to emphasize your message and your brand. Let Ivy Bound assure that your message is clear and understood.


Recommender Strategy

Don’t be sabotaged by weak recommendations. This is a vital step that needs careful planning. Get expert advice on how to choose and prepare your letter writers for the best results.


Interview Advising

Your interview may be your last chance to impress the college admissions committee. Use our expert guidance to prepare you and push you beyond your comfort zone in order for you to grow and excel. Learn how to control the interview, speak with confidence and convey your message succinctly and with clarity.


Waitlist Strategy

Hearing from your top-choice colleges that you are waitlisted or deferred may feel like defeat. While your mood can be “bitter sweet,” if you wish to give it one more effort, there are several steps to keep you in contention.


College Transfer Tactics

You are attending college. But, perhaps you’re homesick; the winters are too cold; or your new, intended major is not available. Since you did not get into your top choice the first time, you decide to try again. Why not? At Ivy Bound, our experts will give you tips on how to improve your chances to reach your “best fit, dream school.”