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“If you have only one choice, better to leave your children well educated than rich, for the future of the educated is better than the wealth of the ignorant.”

    – Epictetus

The Ivy Bound Advantage:


At Ivy Bound, we:

  • Listen carefully to you carefully
  • Respect you
  • Protect your privacy
  • Provide you exceptional, personalized one-on-one service
  • Explain the college admissions process
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Remove most of the typical tension between parents and their children applicant during the process
  • Help you develop your personal story in your own voice
  • Help you keep track of upcoming deadlines
  • Provide you with an action plan or a strategic plan


Your main benefit from using the services of Ivy Bound is to help you apply strong, at your full potential and on time.

The Ivy League and other colleges and universities are not always looking for the absolute best students in terms of GPA and standardized test scores, but for the “best students” in terms of the greatest potential to positively impact their  classmates, campus and the world.


Although we have demonstrated exceptional individual achievement as members of the Ivy League community, what truly sets us apart from most college admissions consultants is our integrity, commitment to our students, our knowledge and our performance.

In summary, we answer your questions and help you solve your problems.


Our Comprehensive Approach:

First, we assist the student define their personality, interests and abilities in order to match these qualities with a college, major and career that complements your profile, values and goals.


Having completed the process of self-reflection, the student looks at a 5-20-year time horizon, considering where they want to go, what they want to do, and with whom they want to do it with.


Strategic Plan
Having accomplished this, together we develop a plan with measurable and reachable goals and objectives, in particular those that enhance your credentials, improve your edge and create a compelling story to impress the admissions officers.


Ever wonder why two seemingly comparable students apply to the same schools, one gets into all of them. The other gets into none or maybe one. Or perhaps, you find that a seemingly less qualified student earns that coveted acceptance, while the ace does not. The difference is likely that the successful candidate marketed herself better to the admissions committee. At Ivy Bound, we assist you in creating and executing your marketing campaign.


The Application & the Process
There are things in the application you can control. There are things that you cannot. With acceptance rates hovering at less than 5% at Stanford and sub-20% at other elite universities, the margin for error is low. While there are no guarantees for admittance, at Ivy Bound we use student-centered, evidence-based, client-specific and world-class approaches to help students get into the best possible, best fit colleges. It is simple. It just isn’t easy!


The Big Idea
The reason that admission to the Ivy League and other top-ranked public and private universities is so difficult is clear. The value of a degree from an elite college or university can be immeasurable, including greater career choices, better job security, quicker promotions, more interesting work, prestige, greater college and career satisfaction, and not to mention increased pay.


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