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January 17, 2019

How to Get Into Harvard Medical School

Who Belongs? Who Gets In?

Defacto Mission Statement:

At its finest, Harvard Medical School attracts and supports those that strive to improve the human condition from disease, illness and injury. To study medicine at Harvard is to prepare to play a leading role in this journey.

Harvard Medical School excels in both teaching and innovating the practice of medicine, bringing out the best in those that practice it. At HMS, students pursue their individual interests, find their calling, and discover how they can advance the field of medicine, science and society. Each day those at HMS strive for excellence in everything they do whether it’s academically, personally or professionally. Harvardians are impassioned to improve the human condition, and alleviate human pain and suffering.

Your academic performance in a challenging, rigorous program of study is the most important factor in determining your admissibility to Harvard Medical Schools. Its admission committee values a consistent level of achievement over time. As importantly, HMS treasures growth and progression in responsibility and skill. Harvard also gives strong consideration to “late-bloomers,” students who underperformed early, yet demonstrate significant improvement over the course of their academic career. While your grades and MCAT are the most obvious indication of potential future success, Harvard Medical School also wants to see that you have challenged yourself in a competitive, demanding academic program throughout college. HMS, however, uses a holistic approach to admissions, not only looking at grades and test scores, but at intellectual curiosity, strength of character, non-academic abilities and activities, and good judgement.

At Ivy Bound, we can help you navigate the tedious and stressful medical school admissions process.