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January 2, 2019

The Applicants That Stand Out at Columbia Business School?

All graduate business schools are not alike. They differ in styles and strengths just the way cars do. Not only do the schools differ in character, their locations shape the experience, with Columbia Business School in New York City a very distinctive vibe compared to Hass at UC Berkeley. When deciding on a top business school, one has to consider curriculum, post-graduation salaries and job placement rates. Which industries do most graduates go into? Do graduates join companies you wish to go to? Columbia Business School assembles a class of 40% international students. MIT puts together a class of 30% engineers. All business schools are different. For you to stand out at Columbia Business School, you must fit the school and the school must fit you, like a “hand and glove,” and like “a match made in heaven.” Then you have to show in compelling fashion what great attributes you have, why you are awesome, and what you’ll contribute to the CBS community.

What is Columbia Business School Looking For?

  • Intellectual, Analytical and Accomplished, with a strong moral compass
    • Evidence of uncommon success through grades, awards & skill sets
    • Comfortable with calculus and business statistics
  • Confident, Globally Aware, Passionate Entrepreneur
    • Comfortable and can Thrive in the Big City
    • Content in different time-zones, different cultures and languages, whether physically or digitally
    • Fluent in at least two languages
    • Creates things that didn’t exist before (product, process or way to view the world) – inventive & Creative
    • Experienced and successful on the global stage
    • Leaves footprints in their areas of passion inside and outside of work
  • Socially Intelligent, High-Impact Leader who is still a Team Player
    • Takes initiative
    • Enriches the team, makes teammates grow
    • Places the needs of the community ahead of his/her own
    • Leads by example, collaborates, shares information and resources, motivates others on the team to give 100%. 1 + 1 = 5
    • Makes the world and people around them better off
  • Understands why CBS is at the Center of Business
    • Knows how NYC will significantly enhance the MBA experience