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Building Your Edge

While your ultimate goal is acceptance into a highly respectable business school, one that meets your needs and facilitates your attaining your ambitious career goals, more immediate is your requirement to stand out as much as possible from a competitive applicant pool with similar backgrounds. At Ivy Bound, we show you how to effectively market your knowledge and skill set to admissions committees and formulate a successful marketing strategy that resonates with graduate schools of business.

At Ivy Bound, we love what we do and thoroughly enjoy assisting students earn acceptances to their top, best-fit choices and into the top schools. Whether you have unique talents and abilities that you are aware of or you have a few abilities and experiences that you don’t fully appreciate how they brand you, at Ivy Bound we can guide you into presenting the very best you to admission committees.


Learn from the Masters

There is no need for you to “re-invent the wheel.” All the paths to success have already been invented. Why should you spend ten years of your life trying to figure this out? While failure is great learning tool, wouldn’t you rather minimize failures and maximize successes. At Ivy Bound we’ve assembled a cast of success stories, mostly Harvard, Princeton and Columbia connected individuals with valuable admissions information and experiences to share. Moreover, we’ve tapped into the minds of some of the best thinkers of all-time, through their work and through their quotes. Let us share with you the wisdom and successes of the Masters, the great minds be they educators, coaches, philosophers, scientists, writers or entrepreneurs.

Of course, exceptional grades and standardized test scores, impactful leadership, fine character, strong letters of recommendation and meaningful community service are crucial to a complete and compelling application. However, to build your edge that gets you truly noticed, you should you work to improve your intangibles. If you sign up with Ivy Bound, we can assist you:


  • Improve your Willpower
  • Increase you Self-Esteem
  • Stress Reduction
  • Augment your Study Techniques
  • Develop your Social Intelligence
  • Flow – working in the Zone
  • Cultivate your Negotiating Skills
  • Embrace and benefit from Obstacles
  • Obtain or advance your Mastery
  • Think like Leonardo DaVinci
  • Maximize your ability to perform at the highest levels
  • Improve your Discipline
  • Boost your Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving abilities
  • Improve your writing ability
  • Enhance your memory & test-taking skills
  • Enlighten you as to the quality of candidate your “best fit, Dream” school is looking for
  • Enhance your Credentials
  • Keep you on track and on schedule, and finally
  • Highlight the best version of you for the admission committees


What is your “Best Fit, Dream” business school looking for?

Let us explain it to you.

  • We help you search deep inside yourself, identifying with clarity your interests, passions, preferences, values, education, experiences, abilities and goals
  • We assist you to discover or clarify your life’s purpose
  • We help you become the architect who designs your future
  • We assist you understand, free of ambiguity, your inspiring vision of the future
  • We help you thoroughly understand the process of admissions


We help you answer the following questions:

  • Am I competitive?
  • How can I enhance my credentials?
  • How can I strategically position myself so that my application gets seriously considered?
  • When should I apply?
  • How do successful applicants apply?
  • Who do I ask for a letter of recommendation?
  • How should I best ask for a letter of recommendation?


Finally, we assist you research schools so that your dream school is also your best fit school. So…. let’s talk! We are here to help!