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MHA Admissions Consulting by the Hour

Your “a la carte” menu to college admissions success. Choose what you need. Stay within budget.

  • Free 30 – minute Consultation
  • Background Assessment: Are You Competitive?
    • Admission Profile
      • Assessment of Your Strengths and Weaknesses
      • College Match Work Sheets 1 & 2
      • Probing Deeper – Asking the Right Questions
        • Academic Profile
          • GPA, SAT, ACT, IB, AP Tests, SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL, Courses Taken & Needed
          • College Match Work Sheet 4
          • Are You Competitive? Where?
        • Professional Profile (as indicated)
        • Personal Profile — Your Student Personality
          • Self-Survey: Inventory of your interests, personality, perspectives, experiences, preferences, talents, activities, accomplishments, awards, honors and values
          • Family Information
          • Characteristics you favor in a college or university, & favor in the student body
          • Characteristics you favor in attaining your academic goals
          • College Match Worksheets 1, 2 and 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8
          • Career Liftoff Interest Inventory Review
        • Athletic Profile
          • Pre – Intercollegiate
          • Pre – Club
          • Pre – Intramural
          • Non – Structured
    • Parent & Student Interview
      • What are your expectations?
      • Colleges visited
      • Short – Term Goals
      • Long – Term Goals
  • Preliminary School Selection – 12 colleges or schools
  • Comprehensive Student and School Fit Analysis
1 hour per school
  • Initial Strategic Planning: Enhancing Your Credentials with growth, progression & precision
    • Academic Success Strategy (Rigor, Research, Standardized tests)
    • Meaningful Community Service Strategy
    • Extracurricular Activities Strategy
    • Impactful Leadership Strategy
    • Campus Visit & Networking Strategy
    • Growth & Progression Planning
  • Comprehensive Resume Review
  • Choosing and Preparing your Letter of Recommendation Writers
  • Essay Brainstorming and Essay Outline Creation
  • Ask a real Ivy League Student questions
  • First Round Essay Review – one draft of a set of essays for one school
  • Interview Preparation & One Mock Interview
  • Study Skills
    • Building Time Management Skills
    • Improving Note-taking Skills
    • Enhance Essay Writing Skills
    • Test-taking Skills



  • Think Clearly: Seeking knowledge and Wisdom, Searching for Truth; Seeing Objectively; Learning from failures, obstacles and experiences; Living like a Roman, Making Logical and less Emotional Decisions
  • Improving Self-Discipline
  • Improving Your Willpower & Optimizing Your Optimal Performance
  • Determining Your Life’s Purpose
  • Personalized Report after most meetings
0.5 – 1
  • Building Your Brand, Marketing Your Image, Fashioning Your Message to enhance your appeal to the admissions committees
  • Improving Time – Management
  • Stress Management: “Calm Under Pressure” – “Keeping a Cool Head”
  • Review of all Application Forms, excluding essays
  • Second Opinion Final Application Review by Ivy League Reviewer
  • Ding Analyst – What went wrong? – Waitlist Strategy

A consultant will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your initial free consultation, 48 hours if international.

You can roll up to three hours of “consulting by the hour” into the purchase of an All-Inclusive Package.

When do I need more time?

You and your consultant can discuss the right number of hours to meet your needs beyond your initial hourly order purchase.

Would I be better off investing in a fixed-fee package?

Our Comprehensive Packages are suitable for clients who would benefit from an all-inclusive, full access and at routine intervals, (for example, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly service.) With one of our comprehensive packages, there is no need to count hours, manage the clock or worry about going over budget.

Do my hours expire?

You hours must be used within sixty (60) days of purchase, otherwise, they will expire. Please note that expired hours are not refundable or transferable.